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Do you want to promote your business? Modern marketing costs less and makes more ! The new technologies have joined electronic communication aimed at the traditional paper or television advertising market.

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DEM and One To One Marketing

Dozens of DiGi Group customers regularly use the Direct E-mail Marketing (Newsletter) to promote their services and products in a selective and targeted way, by retaining their contacts .

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Marketing Training

For those who want to learn how to improve the visibility of its web content, we have thought about tailored web marketing courses and periodic updating events to keep up with the latest strategies.

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Keyword Advertising (Pay Per Click)

When our business does not go well, it is natural to ask ourselves how to get new customers or recover those lost over the years, perhaps because of wrong strategies or better organized competitors.

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SEO positioning

Almost 80% of all world research is done on the Internet . Positioning your website among the top ten results in search engines can be the key to the success of your business .

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