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Keyword Advertising (Pay Per Click)

When our business does not go well, it is natural to ask ourselves how to get new customers or recover those lost over the years, perhaps because of wrong strategies or better organized competitors.

Often, however, after analyzing the conventional ways such as telemarketing, advertising in specialized magazines or leafleting, we stop in front of the costs and the absence of a real guarantee of success .

We are meeting the MARKETING LOW COST , that is the way to make known our company that exploits all the free or low-cost potential offered by the Internet.
One of the many opportunities is offered by KEYWORD ADVERTISING , the technique that allows you to display a geolocated advertising in a search engine and / or sites connected to it

googlenelmondo The most used engine in the world today is Google (with some exceptions represented by Russia and China) therefore, having to do keyword advertising on a single advertiser, it proves to be the most suitable tool for identifying the most effective keywords for our business , both for the research of our potential client.
Gruppo DiGi, through its GOOGLE CUSTOMER CENTER , satisfactorily manages the Keyword Advertising of over twenty customers. Gianluca Malagola, with over nine years of experience in AdWords management behind him, started in 2003 to deal with positioning, keyword advertising and one to one marketing, starting a path of training as an expert in the field with the 2004 national course of Madri Internet Marketing and participating every year in seminars and workshops held by experts in emerging areas of web marketing.


The result that we will achieve by activating a campaign is to appear on the first page immediately with the keywords we requested, with a cost applied only to the click , that is when the visitor enters our website.

We can then decide to be visible only to visitors close to us geographically (for example in a radius of 10 km) or only to those who are looking for us with a fourth-generation phone or, again, in a precise time and day .

adword We can also decide to be visible in a network of partners of Google ( AdSense ) that exposes on its portal to Google advertising.

Let us remember that this exceptional tool generates a cost only when we get a contact on our site and will allow us to understand in a few months what keywords our customers are looking for on Google. This is very important in any subsequent action of natural positioning of your site.