SEO positioning

Almost 80% of all world research is done on the Internet . Positioning your website among the top ten results in search engines can be the key to the success of your business .

Unlike any type of advertising on the web, the product or service is proposed just when the consumer needs it and expresses it through an investigation on search engines. In practice, not being present in the first positions of the first page of the results means not being visible on the Internet and failing, therefore, to make known their services or sell their products to the global market.

ProgettoSeo SEO (English acronym for Search Engine Optimization ) means optimization of a website so that it appears in the first places in search results (SERP) of search engines. The professional who deals with it has the same acronym (SEO), which means Search Engine Optimizer .
The activity of SEO is aimed at increasing visitors on websites through the most famous search engines in the world: Google , Yahoo! , Bing and Yandex . It is a fundamental service for your site to be attractive to search engines, regardless of the language or platform used to create it.
How does the search engine find me?
At varying time intervals, search engines use programs - crawlers (or spiders or robots) - that scan sites, ie visit URLs on the web.
They collect information from the pages, such as HTML code (meta tags, text content and image names) and update dates, by entering data collected in the engine database. The sites are then evaluated according to different algorithms to establish the order of presentation in the results of a given research.
A properly optimized website is easily tracked by search engines and this leads to useful visits, that is the fundamental requirement for websites with commercial purposes.

SEO: some phases of work Seo

Analysis : complete analysis of the website in order to define the main SEO activities to be carried out to increase its visibility. Structural analysis of the website, text analysis, analysis of the keywords, analysis of the objectives, analysis of the main competitors and their work.

Verification : verification period in which, thanks to the application of tools made available by Google, the site is analyzed from the "search engine" side. This step is fundamental because it allows to evaluate how much the site deviates from the positioning objectives.

Consulting : through a document the results obtained from analysis and verification are compared and solutions and / or activities are proposed to achieve the set objectives.

battagliaseoGoogle Analytics : get detailed information on the traffic of your website and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It facilitates the creation of targeted ads and helps the generation of websites with a high conversion rate.

Webmaster Tools : Provides detailed reports on the visibility of pages on Google.

XML Sitemaps : An XML Sitemap is a list of the pages that make up a website. Creating and submitting a Sitemap allows you to make sure that Google is aware of all pages of the site that you intend to place, including URLs that can not be detected through the normal Google crawl process.

These tools allow webmasters to check how the site is viewed by search engines. It is therefore possible to precisely define the subsequent interventions to be implemented in the different sections of the site and in the choice of the keywords.

The search engine positioning service represents a medium to long-term investment for the company: it takes 3-6 months before tangible results can be found.
In order to capitalize the first results in the short term, Gruppo DiGi advises its customers to support positioning strategies with the launch of advertising campaigns on the web (Google AdWords is the most used tool).

The publication of announcements will allow the company to be known by its online target and will allow Gruppo DiGi to easily and immediately detect the most popular keywords, the characteristics of the competitors and the reactions of the target.

In order to guarantee a secure and guaranteed success, however, the company must acquire a strong awareness of its presence on the web . Analyzing the type of clientele conquered through this channel we will be able to intervene on the marketing plan in a targeted and profitable way.