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Cookie Policy

(Version 0.1 to be revised)

Cookies are small data files created on the User's computer in order to store information on the basis of its activities on the network. This Website may use the following cookies:

Session cookies

Session cookies are temporarily stored and have a limited validity over time, therefore they do not permanently record any information on the hard disk of the User's computer. Cookies allow you to store information related to the beginning of each user's session.

Navigation cookies

Browsing cookies have the main objective of avoiding proposing suggestions that are not related to the user's interests, rather offering direct and personalized business proposals. The usefulness of browsing cookies is based on the temporary monitoring of surfing the Internet. The User can always delete this type of cookie before starting navigation on other pages of the Website.

Statistical cookies

Statistical cookies allow you to know the following information:
- The date and time of the last time the User visited our Website.
- Access to the content chosen by the User during his last visit on our Website.
To compile the usage statistics of our Website we use statistical tools with a limited scope to the functions described in the previous paragraph, which allow us to know the frequency of visits of our users and the most interesting contents. In this way, we can concentrate our efforts on improving the most visited areas and helping the user find what they are looking for more easily. The Website may use the information collected to perform evaluations and statistical calculations on anonymous data and to ensure continuity of service or make improvements to its Websites. This information will not be used for any other purpose.

Third-party cookies

The site can also install third-party cookies that allow you to manage and improve the services offered.
Examples are the services of Google Analytics , Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , Google+ , Histats , Pinterest , DoubleClick , ShinyStat , Skype , LinkedIn , Flickr

Cookie management

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User may configure his browser to automatically accept or reject all cookies or to receive a warning on the screen of the transmission of each cookie and decide from time to time whether or not to install it on the hard disk. To this end we suggest you consult the "Help" section of the browser to find out how to change the configuration used. You can also use tracking tracking cookies such as incognito browsing. The user may also cancel the consent granted to the use of cookies by our organization at any time, configuring to this end the browser as indicated in the previous point.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, it should be noted that deactivation may affect the correct operation of certain sections of the Website. We invite you to read the instructions and manuals of your browser to expand this information:

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer select "Tools", "Internet Options" and then "Privacy".

If you use Firefox for Mac select "Preferences", "Privacy" and access the "Show Cookies" section; for Windows select "Tools" and then "Options", go to "Privacy" and then from the drop-down menu of the "History Settings" select "Use Custom Settings".

If you use Safari select "Privacy" in the "Preferences" menu.

If you use Google Chrome from the "Tools" menu, select "Settings" ("Preferences" for Mac), go to "Show Advanced Settings" and then to the "Content Settings" option in the "Privacy" section.