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Photocomposition, as the word itself says, is the art of composing a photo by taking the elements from many parts.

A photocomposition arises from the need to create a particular image that can not be reproduced with a single photo shot .

phototypesetting-book Photocomposition is very present both in the world of printed paper and in the digital world . Just think of a small flyer or a large advertising billboard: in both cases a photocomposition work was carried out. What about the covers of the books? Some are real works of art! phototypesetting-web

On the web the photocomposition dominates in the banners, in the slideshows of the websites or in the thousands of funny photos that rage on social networks.

Today, through the use of specific software, it is possible to satisfy all kinds of graphic requirements , to use custom formats and fonts of all kinds together with combinations of various colors. All this allows us to create a unique and inimitable image that can express the meaning for which it has been composed through each individual element. Contact us now and let us know your needs!