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360 degree photo

Do you want to give visitors to your site a total immersive experience of an environment? Try the 360 ​​degree photo!

Among its many services, Gruppo DiGi also offers immersive navigation of an environment . You know the amazing Street View mode of Google Maps, where you are able to "turn around" in a street previously photographed from all sides? With QTVR technology (QuickTime Virtual Reality) you can achieve the same result for any environment of your choice: the room of a museum or an art gallery, a particularly evocative court, a warehouse, an office, a square. It is essentially about photographing the surrounding environment at 360 ° and creating a single interactive photograph that allows users of a site to rotate the visual field by dragging the mouse and seeing all the details of the photographed place as if they were on site.

It is possible to create a "static" photograph, which allows you to turn in an environment from a single fixed point , or "in motion" (like Google Maps), which allows you to "walk" in a place reconstructing the point of view of the next step of the user with a sequence of 360 ° photographs taken a few meters after the first.

Below you will find a splendid example of 360 ° photography made by us : it is a room of Villa Resta Mari di Vittuone (MI). Click on the photo and move with the mouse!

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