Design of slogans and slogans

To generate interest and capture the attention of new customers, we study slogans and short, targeted texts that best express the mission and the qualities of the companies that work with us.

Never as in this digital age is worth less is more ("less is more"): we are bombarded every day by hundreds of small but powerful slogans, jingles, catchphrases and without even realizing we store them, we metabolize them and have fun even to modify them in an ironic way. A few years ago it was impossible not to know the " Epson is ... image, emotion ", placed at the end of every advertisement of the famous brand of printers. How many people, absentmindedly going to the mall with the urgent need to buy a printer, will be addressed without fail on an Epson thanks only to that little catchphrase?

To create a slogan, to adopt a claim that makes more powerful, humane and sympathetic, the brand of a company can appear as a superfluous or even presumptuous habit, a kind of job to do in lost time a bit for fun. Nothing more wrong and giants like Apple ("Think different."), Nike ("Just Do It") or our local Levissima ("Very high, very pure, Levissima") demonstrate the opposite every day with stories and campaigns of enormous success that they have seen their slogans triumph over those of their competitors for decades.

Gruppo DiGi is committed to finding with you and for you the best slogans and claims that represent your company, your products and your services: put us to the test !

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