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Photo restoration

We specialize in professional digital photo editing : from restoration , repair and virtual reconstruction of vintage photographs

the recovery of old damaged photographs , deteriorated by time, yellowed, bent, scratched, torn, stained or discolored. Your images on paper will be digitized and, after a patient digital restoration work , they will return to their original sharpness.

We also perform real virtual beauty treatments with aesthetic photo-editing , eliminating unsightly skin imperfections, wrinkles, dark circles, double chin and cellulite or we intervene to obtain a slimmer body, a smaller nose, fuller lips or a more prosperous breast . We also offer specific services for models such as photo books, composit, glamor treatments to achieve the image of a perfect body, ideal for casting and advertising. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request a free quote!

Restoration-fotovecchie Restoration of old or ancient photos
Do you have an old vintage photograph that has been inexorably ruined by time? No problem! Without touching your original photo, but by intervening virtually on its digitalized copy with the use of dedicated software, we are able to reconstruct exactly your old deteriorated image with a photo restoration , and then create a magnified copy up to five times the size original and bring the restored photo file to CD or DVD. From the old photograph we reconstruct the abrasive or missing parts, we erase dots, scratches, cracks, we recover details and details that have been lost, we optimize the contrast and the color values. At the end of the operation you will be given back your old original photo along with the perfectly restored copy and the CD containing the relative file.

Recover damaged photos
Thanks to specific software, your ruined photos can finally resume life! restoration We perform any digital photo editing work on your photos, we can correct small and big defects: we eliminate scratches, folds, holes, stains, tears and writings. We restore the original contrast, reconstruct the missing parts, rebalance the tonal values ​​and balance the color. Your damaged photo will be digitized, recovered completely and reworked so that it can also be printed in large sizes.

Digital photo editing
DiGi is a studio specialized in digital photo editing. With the help of professional software we can intervene on the image, eliminating defects or modifying only a few details. The results that can be achieved are astonishing both on old photos and on recent photographs . Your damaged photograph will be digitized, recovered completely and reworked so that it can be printed even in sizes larger than those of the old original photo.

aesthetic restoration Aesthetic photo editing
We perform real virtual beauty treatments thanks to the use of aesthetic photo-editing programs, improving your appearance even if you are already a very beautiful photomodel. We eliminate imperfections of the skin, dampen any wrinkles, hide the dark circles to get a smoother and brighter skin, change the color of the eyes, remove the extra pounds trying to preserve a natural look. In short, a real beauty treatment for your body, a complete service to mitigate the signs of time and fatigue!

We perform both realistic photomontages and creative , imaginative photomontages . Often a photomontage is necessary when the subject is fine but the background leaves much to be desired. In this case we can perform a photomontage keeping the original photo only the subject, which will be inserted in another context in front of a different background.

Chromatic restyling
You have a photograph taken badly, you have wrong exposure because it is too light or too dark, has some color dominant, is slightly blurred or has a poor definition because you have taken with the phone? No problem, from DiGi find all the services to remedy! With the use of digital photo editing software we will do everything possible to make your photo reborn.

Artistic elaboration
We transform simple photographs into unique and inimitable pencil drawings or paint "by hand", with digital brushes, old photos in black and white. You can use this digital service to create greeting cards, personalized business cards, invitations, and so on. In short, we process your photo so that it becomes a true artistic design!