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From this page you can access the estimate request of the companies of the group. Quotation requests are addressed directly to the group company that deals with the sector for which you are carrying out on request.

>> IT estimates PC and NETWORK Installation, Software and Hardware Maintenance, Software Development
>> Graphic estimates Development of institutional and web graphics, Sites and portals
>> Photo estimates Photographic services, video services, web speakers
>> Communication estimates
>> Marketing estimates Positioning Seo, Keyword Advertising, Newsletter, Social Network
>> Training estimates Classroom and personalized training courses, lectures
>> Estimates for maintenance of companies and homes Gardens, Whitewashing, Gardens, Small removals, Maintenance of windows and shutters, plasterboards, laying and maintenance of pre-finished palquet
>> Estimates Internet Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Servers, Domain Registration and Maintenance, Certified Mail


Rental Estimates Sala Posa rental, Classroom rental, Seminar room rental